Augmented Reality Simulations

One of the most effective ways of instruction is 3D simulations of real-case scenarios.

At Outscape, we have developed an innovative approach that combines traits of adventure video games with Augmented Reality.  The action alternates between screen and the real world in a natural and seamless way, creating the impression that the player is part of a video game.

This is a highly effective educational game where the player gets fully immersed into the plot, interacts with virtual characters and makes decisions that determine the storyline.

We frequently apply this technique in:

  1. employee learning

  2. comprehension assessments (in lieu of quizzes), for:
    • Health & Safety
    • Employee learning
    • Rules & Compliance


The storyline in these simulations is designed to assess all the testing material through the player’s dialogue and actions in the game. Each player’s performance is stored under their profile and can be accessed by HR (or any other appropriate function in your organisation), through a dedicated platform.

Fear not! These simulations are very intuitive and totally user-friendly. They can be played (and enjoyed) by everyone, even those who are not familiar with games.

To make more seamless transitions between screen and Augmented Reality, we like to use in our animations the same background as the space where the game is actually played. This works when the game is played in a specific location (e.g. the office).

This is not a hard constraint though! If you need to play the simulations remotely, we can always come up with inventive ways to make the switch from screen to Augmented Reality as immersive as possible.

You will need a tablet! In theory, you could also use a mobile phone but we don’t recommend it due to the small screen size.

As with the tutorials, we can arrange to supply you with appropriate tablets if you need.

With the exception of some 3D animations, everything else is created within Outscape by our awesome developers and content creators; from back-end design to front-end implementation. This means we have complete control over the development process of our projects.

As part of our price, we will provide full technical support to your tutorials for 12 months. You will have the option to extend this annually for a small charge.