Health & Safety Tutorials

Fire safety

This is not about ticking a box. Good fire safety training saves lives! You may notice our tutorials are nothing like what you may have seen before. Designed for maximum employee awareness and content absorption: 

  • they are thorough. Starting from an interactive 3D layout of your building and the sound of the fire alarm, the tutorials go through the full storyline of a fire emergency, all the way to the evacuation assembly point. 
  • they focus on the logic behind rules rather than blind memorisation. Once the logic is revealed, users are far more likely to understand and remember the rules.  
  • they are very interactive, encouraging active participation into the learning process and sharpening judgement, analytical thinking and memory skills.
  • they are highly engaging, using techniques from mobile & video games, treasure hunts & Augmented Reality games.
The tutorials are delivered on tablet and do not require the presence of an HR supervisor or instructor.
3D layout


What good is an AED on the wall if one doesn’t know how to use it in an emergency?

Similarly to our fire safety tutorials, training for accidents in the workplace is thorough and interactive, aiming to:

  • analyse best practices for accident avoidance,
  • teach proper response in case of an accident, and
  • acquaint employees with first response kits in order to save valuable time and avoid mistakes in an emergency.
The tutorials are delivered on tablet and do not require the presence of an HR supervisor or instructor.

instruments & machinery

Read the manual? What manual? Learning how to operate instruments or machinery is an entirely different experience through the use of Augmented Reality. 

Our AR tutorials display 3D virtual objects that users can interact with and learn how to use without the need of physical presence or an instructor.

Moreover, we develop bespoke mobile apps that allow users to simply point their phone camera to a machine and instantly get a refresher of its specs and how to operate it.


They focus on in-depth learning rather than merely ticking a box. To achieve this, our arsenal of tools includes cutting-edge technology, innovative educational methods and great ideas.

Yes, we can construct your tutorial so that it can be accessed by your employees remotely, if you wish.

Ideally, yes. Running tutorials on tablets allows your employees to benefit from very effective educational tools including Augmented Reality and GPS mini-games. But don’t worry! We can supply you with appropriate tablets if you need.

Having said that, you can still go for our desktop-based tutorials if you prefer. Although it’s not the same “wow factor”, we have many solid and effective desktop solutions to achieve your training goals.

Your tutorial will be specifically adapted to your needs and will be unique.  Having said that, you can always base it on one of our existing templates, which will reduce cost and time to delivery.

Time to delivery can range from 1 week to 2 months, depending on the complexity of the project and the number of unique features included.

With the exception of some 3D animations, everything else is created within Outscape by our awesome developers and content creators; from back-end design to front-end implementation. This means we have complete control over the development process of our projects.

As part of our price, we will provide full technical support to your tutorials for 12 months. You will have the option to extend this annually for a small charge.