Corporate Learning

employee training

Yes. Employee training leads to better performance which, in turn, improves the bottom line. But this only works when employees are fully engaged during the training process.

Most of us at Outscape have had employment history in large corporate environments and first-hand experience on how training can be hopelessly disengaging. For this reason, our bespoke training solutions are closely focused on engagement and content absorption. We widely utilise digital technology and game techniques to stimulate the audience and to present material through different angles & levels of cognitive learning.

Whether you are a large financial institution or a young startup, we have the tools to help you create effective training modules that will surely impress your employees and mark a difference.


rules & compliance

Few things are hated more by employees in large companies than the monotonous, compulsory training on rules and compliance. Not only is it horribly dry, but it’s usually followed by multiple choice quizzes – an unwelcome deja vu from the school days. Not a shock that employee engagement hits rock bottom!

Treating this critically important subject matter so ineffectively is a recipe for trouble. We can help you do much better.

Using video game techniques, our desktop or tablet-based tutorials are thorough but highly engaging. More importantly, material absorption and comprehension are assessed through impressive Augmented Reality simulations where employees get to respond to and make decision in “real case” scenarios.

company values & culture

While remote work has its benefits, the adverse impact on employee loyalty and culture cohesion cannot be ignored.

We can help companies reach out to their employees or client base through bespoke team-building activities that skilfully communicate their core values and unique message.

These activities use Augmented Reality and digital technology, and are carefully designed around the specific needs of the company.

business, idea, style


They focus on in-depth learning rather than merely ticking a box. To achieve this, our arsenal of tools includes cutting-edge technology, innovative educational methods and great ideas.

Yes, we can construct your tutorial so that it can be accessed by your employees remotely, if you wish.

Ideally, yes. Running tutorials on tablets allows your employees to benefit from very effective educational tools including Augmented Reality and GPS mini-games. But don’t worry! We can supply you with appropriate tablets if you need.

Having said that, you can still go for our desktop-based tutorials if you prefer. Although it’s not the same “wow factor”, we have many solid and effective desktop solutions to achieve your training goals.

Your tutorial will be specifically adapted to your needs and will be unique.  Having said that, you can always base it on one of our existing templates, which will reduce cost and time to delivery.

Time to delivery can range from 1 week to 2 months, depending on the complexity of the project and the number of unique features included.

With the exception of some 3D animations, everything else is created within Outscape by our awesome developers and content creators; from back-end design to front-end implementation. This means we have complete control over the development process of our projects.

As part of our price, we will provide full technical support to your tutorials for 12 months. You will have the option to extend this annually for a small charge.