Solve puzzles, uncover city secrets, bond with your team and outsmart your opponents before time runs out


You have 2 hours to prevent the greatest heist in the City’s history. Thankfully, the criminals left behind a trail of clues and challenges that might help you stop them. Do you & your team have what it takes?



An old scroll is found, key to a powerful secret that could rewrite history. Your quest takes you to the halls of the V&A Museum where exibits hold vital clues. Will you and your team be the ones to uncover the mystery?

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Imagine an escape game with no walls, played in the streets or museums of London. We’ve kind of turned the city into a big virtual escape room where puzzles combine real city landmarks with Augmented Reality objects. Our game lasts two hours, unlike typical one-hour escape room experiences.

Players form teams of 2-4, gear up with tablets that we provide and embark on a two-hour live adventure. They make their way to numerous locations with the aid of their tablets, solve puzzles, engage with Augmented Reality interactions, compete with opposing teams and earn points. The smartest & most efficient team wins!

Our games take place in outdoor or large indoor spaces and are designed to avoid crowding (teams typically range from 2 to 4 players and spread out in the game area). As such, the risk of virus spreading is low. To reduce risk even further, we take the following measures:

  1. We follow very strict hygiene standards:
    • tablets are thoroughly disinfected before each game
    • our staff wear face masks at all times, even in open spaces
    • we make every effort to avoid crowding before and after the game
  2. We have created a social distancing tool on iPhone:
    • players who might wish to socially distance from their team during the game, may download on their iPhone the Outscape Companion App (available here). This allows them to connect with the team’s tablet (and fully participate in the game) at a distance of a few meters
  3. We remind players to avoid unnecessary crowding with other teams or pedestrians during the game

Please note that, as per our updated Terms & Conditions, Outscape Games and its staff cannot be held responsible for (i) individual players abiding by Covid-related government rules or (ii) one or more players contracting COVID19 on the day of their game.

Anything from 2 to 100+ is game! Remember, our games are played in large public spaces so there is no crowding issue.

Absolutely, we often have couples or friends enjoying our games. If there are other teams playing at the same time, you can choose to compete against them or take your own private game path.

All ages from 11+ are equally likely to enjoy the game, however players under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Bookings are not refundable as this is a live experience. However, you can always change the time and date of your game as many times as you wish, free of charge, provided you give us a 24hr notice.

You can also add more people to your booking at any time. Please call us, live-chat to us or amend your booking in our booking page.

The game involves walking and exploring the city so we recommend shoes and clothes that you find comfortable. Please ensure you check and abide by any government rules regarding face cover at the time of your game.

You need to show up at the designated location at least 15 minutes before the game starts, where our staff will be waiting for you.

Our staff will welcome you, brief you about the game and provide your team with a (thoroughly sanitised) tablet.

If you arrive late, we will do our very best to adjust things as smoothly as possible but we may have to shorten the length of your game.

Even when it rains, people love The Wren Code. We will provide each team with large umbrellas if needed.

Remember, you can always change the date of your game with just a 24hr notice. And if you are really concerned about the weather, you can switch to Drake’s Secret if you wish, at no cost (subject to availability).

At the end of the game, our staff will collect the tablets and announce rankings & winners. This will mark the end of the experience. Within the next few days, each team will receive a commemorative email with their game performance.

Yes, you can! Please click on our Gift Voucher page to gift a game or redeem a gift.