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Outscape Technologies was created to help institutions communicate in a novel and captivating way. You will not find our methods in the old rulebook. We love to innovate, embrace technology and deliver original and powerful results.

Many times, messages worth spreading are dull. This is where we come in. You could say our passion is to use game methods and digital technology in order to transform dullness to excitement. 

Our journey started by looking for inspired ways in which London could tell its (hi)story to the world in an interactive and exciting way. We developed a special class of Augmented Reality treasure hunts, made for city streets and museums, and designed to skilfully combine learning with entertainment.

Facebook, Microsoft, JPMorgan, hundreds of other companies and thousands of individuals have enjoyed these games and discovered the city. And the list keeps growing…

Encouraged by the huge success, we quickly turned our attention to face what employees usually call dull (institutional onboarding & training) in a bold mission to boost their engagement.  

Our clients include top corporates and academic institutions in the UK and the continent that understand the importance of communicating effectively to their employees and students.

Whether you are Building Services looking to construct a solid Health & Safety module, HR searching for an effective corporate learning tool, a CEO wondering how to best communicate your company’s values, or even a municipality wishing that more people would explore your neighbourhoods & museums, we look forward to hearing from you!

The Outscape Team


To inform, educate and engage people through the use of serious games


A smart gamification platform for every institution with a message worth spreading